Saturday, October 24, 2009

Career change resources 24 October - CV tips

I've been posting more useful career change tips and resources on Twitter - here is a further selection, all connected with CV writing.

1) Pimp Your Resume: 5 Cool CV Tips -
2) Resume Building – 8 Tips For On The Job Resume Building: Don’t Wait until you are Out of a job to update your CV
3) Why Shouldn’t I Write My Own Resume? Asking a professional for help with your CV:
4) Three Resume Rules for Baby Boomers: For job seekers over 50 worried their CV dates them:
5) For help with your CV, visit
6) Should you lie on your resume?
7) Is Your Resume Presentable?
8) Cover Letter Tactics That Give Your Cover Letters an Unfair Advantage:
9) Avoid the Cardinal Sins of Resume Writing
10) Quick and Easy Tips to a Resume and Cover Letter: When you submit your resume to a recruiter or prospective employer:

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Career change resources 8 October

Here's another selection of useful articles for those of you looking to change careers.

1) Are you ready to change career paths?

2) How to Gracefully Leave a Job: Just as every story has an ending, so do jobs.

3) Eleven businesses you can start at home in your pyjamas.

4) The top 5 reasons why resumes fail:

5) Resume Rules for Baby Boomers: For job seekers over 50 worried that their CV dates them:

6) Write catchy cover letters to get job interviews:

7) Improve your chance of interview success - 4 Top Interview Questions and YOUR Best Answers:

8) Finding a job without prior work experience

9) Good book: The work we were born to do, by Nick Williams.

10) How much enthusiasm should you show at a job interview?