Sunday, November 22, 2009

When Life Hits a Bump

When Life Hits A Bump - guest article by Trevor Emdon

There's an old Chinese saying that goes, "The road before you is clear. Why, then, do you throw rocks in your own path?"

Good old sages! They think they're so smart. (Well, they were, probably). But regardless of how they got there, those rocks and bumps in the road still have to be navigated until we learn to stop throwing them! If indeed we turn out to be the rock thrower at all!

So what do you do when life hits a bump? As I see it, you've got a handful of choices. Which do you choose most often?

a) You throw your toys out of the pram and protest loudly that your life just isn't working.

b) You seek all the sympathy you can milk from it.

c) You retreat for a while into quiet contemplation until a new solution pops up.

d) You seek out someone who's overcome a similar bump and ask them how they did it.

I imagine we both know quite a few people who'd opt for a) and/or b). They, of course, won't only not solve your problems, they'll just give you high blood pressure and perhaps even earn you the label "loser" for your reputation. But since you're reading this post, I can safely assume that a) or b) wouldn't be your choices.

I freely admit I used to choose those. The world had to conform to my ideas or it was wrong! All I had to do was persuade about five billion, nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and nine other people to see things my way, and I was home and dry!

These days, I'm more mellow and less proud. Perhaps that's because I have less time left than I had when I was young and impetuous. If I'm going to get the world moving, I finally realised I don't have to reinvent the wheel.

It's not only not shameful to ask for help. It's a requirement if you're going to live to your fullest. You simply don't have time to solve all of life's tribulations on your own if you're ever going to fulfill your dreams. Option c) is certainly useful and will sometimes work. But option d) is where I'd go first.

You can find such help from books, maybe a Youtube video or another website, or, of course, a real live coach.

But until we get to Chinese sage-hood, I'd remind you of one important thing. Both you and I have less time left than we did yesterday.

About the author: Trevor Emdon, aka the "Wizard of Wisdom" writes and creates, (from his very soul), self help and law of attraction programs, such as "Stop Worrying And Grow Rich" ( one of his most popular, as it is about how to attract money.


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