Sunday, January 29, 2006

On laughing out loud

I read a lot; usually a mixture of coaching and personal development books, and I get a great deal of pleasure from this as well as some wonderful exercises, techniques and questions to use with coaching clients. I also regulary raid my local library and bookshops for a selection of thrillers.

And then last year I dipped into a couple of books that made me laugh out loud and I remembered that reading could also be fun!

The first book was rather an accident - I grabbed a book from the 'returned' shelf at the library, found the first few pages amusing, and took it home only to find it was a book written, I think, for youngsters. But oh so funny! It had the unlikely title "And that's when it fell off in my hand" and was written by Louise Rennison. It's a sort of teenage Bridget Jones's diary, and a most enjoyable read.

The next book was Guy Browning's "Never push when it says pull." This one had me screaming with laughter. What a treat!

The third book (which I bought my husband for Christmas so that I could read it) was "The World according to Clarkson" by Jeremy Clarkson. I still snigger when I think about such phrases as "he had the IQ of a daffoldil." Another excellent read with some clever, very funny observations.

Now these ramblings aren't about books reviews or my particular sense of humour, but to make the point that we can so easily bring some happiness and fun into our day with a little bit of effort. I often encourage my clients to reduce the things they are tolerating and increase the things they do that can make their heart sing, and I found that I had forgotten to do enough of the latter for myself!

So - what can you do today that will make you laugh out loud and feel great?


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