Sunday, January 01, 2006

End of year reflections

Towards the end of December I like to think back over the year, and write down everything that I have achieved. I keep these notes in a permanent journal, and enjoy reading my lists, as they help me remain positive and motivated.

As well as listing the actual things I have achieved, I note down what I've learned and what personal insights I've had. I take a few weeks to work on this and am always surprised by how long the list becomes.

This year I learned about Reiki healing and Emotional Freedom Technique, read 22 personal development books, trained as a career coach, spent time with friends and family, went to yoga classes regularly, connected with some other coaches, expanded my website, published an ebook - well, the list goes on and is pretty good.

I also consider the disappointments I've had, and what the lessons were from those experiences. My back log of email features on that list!

Looking back on one of the goals I didn't fully achieve during 2005, I found that it wasn't in line with my values - in fact it clashed with three of them! This became apparent when I was being coached - and is a good example of why coaches need coaches; we can't always see these things for ourselves, even though we can help our clients with the same issues. So it's good to get some support, and be interested in exploring what's not working and find out how to make things happen in a way that works for you personally.

A really useful book for reflecting on your past year, and thinking about your future, is Jinny Ditzler's "Your best year yet." There's some excellent ideas and excercises in this book and it is well worth reading it annually.

I'm making notes of what I will be doing this year, and have decided to treat this as setting my intention, rather than just listing goals. This feels much more powerful and meaningful for me. I'll be helped in this by some of the exercises in Michael Losier's "Law of Attraction" book, which I've just read and can highly recommend.

Thinking about my plans for 2006 is making me want to start taking some action, so I will do so now!

Happy New Year - wishing you all every success and joy for the coming year.

Warmest wishes


At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you for your support at the end of 2005, as I have now been coaching clients (renewals inclusive!!) since your guidance. I can see 2006 being a fantastic year. I wish you and everyone else a great year ahead.I will be in touch soon.
Best wishes Jim (hampshire)


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