Wednesday, November 16, 2005

How to count your blessings

I drove up to Burford, near Oxford, today and as I always do whilst driving I listed 10 things out loud for which I am grateful. This is a technique I often suggest to clients when they are looking for more happiness - and very often it is something they find hard to do at first.

So I thought I'd list the blessings I came up with today.

1) I'm grateful for the ability to drive. It was a long journey today and I'm so glad I have my car, that I can go out when I want, that I have such freedom and independence.

2) I'm grateful for my eyesight. Vital for driving of course, and it also enabled me to see the beautiful countryside and the autumn colours. I won't mention the white vans that were two inches away from my rear bumper at various times!

3) I'm grateful for my family. I went to Burford to arrange a memorial stone for my aunt, who died last year aged 95. What an amazing woman, a great role model. I miss her very much.

4) I'm grateful for my friends. I have some wonderful friends, whose company I really enjoy and value.

5) I'm grateful for my hearing. A long drive is a good opportunity to listen to and sing along to some good music (thank you Coldplay and Robbie Williams!) and to listen to my favourite coach (thank you Michael Neill for your 7 Myths of Success CDs.)

6) I'm grateful for my clients. I enjoy working with them all, and I learn from all of them too.

7) I'm grateful that I'm doing work that I love, that is deeply meaningful for me.

8) I'm grateful for my home, and everything it provides me.

9) I'm grateful for my health.

10) I'm grateful to the baker who made the wonderful cherry and almond macaroons at Millets Farm Shop, near Burford!

What are you grateful for today?


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